Edamame Hummus

Edamame is one of the richest sources of plant based protein. at 13g grams of protein and 4.5grams of fibre per 100grams. You typically find them in the frozen food section of most grocery stores, and occasionally fresh and

de-podded. There are dozens of ways to include Edamame in your nutrition plan. The most popular being to simply steam the frozen pods for 5 minutes, pops them out of their pods and sprinkle with sea salt.


2 cups shelled edamame

1/2 cup water

2 TBSP olive oil 2 TBSP tahini

1 handful of fresh coriander Juice of 1 lemon 2 garlic cloves 1tsp smoked paprika 1 tsp salt

Black sesame seeds as optional garnish


Blend all ingredients in a food processor or NutriBullet for 10 seconds. Garnish with black sesame seeds and serve with crudite or rice cakes.

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