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We strive towards making a real difference in the lives of our clients. Changing long entrenched habits is not easy, but with support anything is possible if you are willing to persevere.

Dear Nicki. I have not seen you in a very long time but thought I would update you . I weigh the same or less than I weighed at scool 63 kg. I am a consistent size 10. I run 30 km per week. I went through a bad patch last year emotionally and even then I did not resort to my normal coping skill FOOD.  I eat according to your plan, with occasional cheats.Thank you for what you have done for me. You changed my life. What you do matters. Best wishes for 2013. Kind regards. Marinda McDonald


Our management team decided that we all needed a health overhaul at work, and as part of our team building we decided that we needed to do something for ourselves. We are all highly stressed out individuals working in the financial industry – so sitting at a desk and eating junk was the norm. Then along came Re-Invent, and Nicci and Charn – and they have changed my life completely. Their program is wonderful and their approach is so spot on – they worked the changes into our lives so slowly that today it feels like I have always eaten this way. They managed to change my perception of my body, help me gain more energy and I became a little wiser in the process. The best part is that I have lost a dress size without doing too much, and I like what I am seeing. The whole program is so easy to follow, and Nicci and Charn have helped me see that I deserve to be healthy and happy, and that I can have it all. I have promised myself that I will continue on this program and that I will reach my goal. Re-Invent is the best program of its kind. The support is phenomenal and there is real science behind what they do. Their results speak for themselves.

Anthea Prentice


I thought I should thank you for your help with my eating plan and overall health. I came through essentially for energy levels, problems with bloatedness and constipation and now after some time of following your eating plan my system is functioning properly. I have however lost too much weight and am bordering on being underweight but this is due to my work pressure which sometimes caused me to skip meals. Even if i was skipping meals I went to the gym almost everyday and i guess that's why i lost so much weight.  I have since resigned from my previous job and now have a less hectic one, and thankfully I can have a more balanced lifestyle!  Charn, special thanks to you for taking your time out and helping me both at the gym and with all the good info! I know i disappeared from the "face of earth", much apologies for that. Like I mentioned above, I was under too much pressure and wanted to take time out from the busyness of everything. It's only now that I'm feeling extremely calm.  I hope I can still keep in touch if I have any questions. Much love and stay blessed!

Kgomotso Nkashe


I have not seen you in a very long time but thought I would update you .

I weigh the same or less than I weighed at scool 63 kg. I am a consistent size 10. I run 30 km per week. I went through a bad patch last year emotionally and even then I did not resort to my normal coping skill FOOD.  I eat according to your plan, with occasional cheats.Thank you for what you have done for me. You changed my life. What you do matters.

Dr Marinda McDonald


Thanks to Re-Invent for making a tangible difference to my life, not only from my physical health perspective but also from helping me to see wellness from a holistic point of view. Nicci cares about the little things but she is also vastly knowledgeable and related easily to me and to my specific needs.

​Charles Kuzmanich


​I have found the Re-invent process to be the most holistic, positive and motivating experience I've had with regard to health and wellness. Nicci is a real person and relates to all my issues - without judgement. Just being around her makes me feel like I can do anything and she keeps me energised and focused on my wellness goals. A phenomenal company.

Louise McBride


Re-Invent was recommended to me by our wellness provider and although I was already six weeks into a process, Nicci has through her knowledge of nutrition, supplements and model helped me greatly over the past seven months in terms of continued reinforcement of reaching both goal weight and optimum energy levels, which I have now achieved.

Wayne Grews


My experience with Re-invent has been a positive one. I found the program easy to follow . I am a working mother of 3 demanding children and so there is always a degree of chaos in my life. I realised that if I put myself first some of the time I would have more to give to my family and now I make time for gym and proper meals. I am losing weight at a steady pace and I never feel deprived or miserable. The difference between Re-Invent and other weight loss programs is the time and energy that Jocelyn and Nicci put into their clients. They are living the program themselves and so they are empathetic to fact that sometimes even the best intentions can be derailed.

​Vanessa Sweiden


I have traveled a long road with regards to my health over the past 5 years. I have consulted a number of health practitioners from doctors to dietitians to naturopaths and have in general found the service levels shoddy. Worse for me however has been the lack of real concern for the results achieved. A friend recommended Re-invent and I have literally been blown away by the operation for the following reasons. Firstly the medication and supplements they gave me worked within a few days. Secondly Nicci evaluated all the information that I gave her and gave me a diet that really worked. She heard me, took me seriously and didn’t treat me like and idiot. Thirdly, the way their programme is structured, you pay up-front for a 3 month period and the cost includes your first month of supplements. This is brilliant as once you’ve paid you readily go back for 3 months of sessions and this allows Nicci to evaluate your progress and adjust things where necessary. It also removes any resistance to supplements that may be pricey and allows you to see the results before deciding whether you are prepared to pay the price. She has also offered to take supplements back and credit me if they don’t work. Nicci has been available whenever I have needed advice or support. And lastly, Nicci spends time considering me as a holistic person as opposed to trying to fix one issue and move me out the door. She has offered to meet me on the weekend to give me supplements when I have run out and even to drop them off at my office. In short, the service and results have been phenomenal!

Robynne Adams


Nicci has been there at every step to help us, at first it was odd having a long distance consultation (Cape Town - Johannesburg) but her availability meant that it was never an issue. Email and cellphones really do allow for this kind of consultation to happen easily. We had two or three major crises, and Nicci was always able to call or email some advice to help.  We have now reached the end of our program, and I say “our” because Sasha’s illness affected everyone in our family. I can only believe she will continue to get better everyday, thanks to Nicci and the Reinvent treatment. I would recommend Reinvent to anybody suffering from fibromyalgia - it may not be the quick solution you are looking for, but rather a lifestyle choice that will  benefit all aspects of your health.

Michelle Biederman


Before I had the privilege of going on the Re-invent Course in 2007, I tried every diet without success. I faithfully went to Gym every day for an hour for 5 days a week and I did get fit, but I could never lose the weight that I need to lose. I went to a dietician and that didn’t work either. I was eating all wrong. The wrong food at the wrong times of day and the wrong portion sizes.

I was very fortunate to be chosen to go on the Re-Invent Program that was being offered to staff members at my work place and so I decided to give it a try. I was so amazed at everything I learned that is important for a healthy lifestyle and losing the proper weight. I could go on and on about how amazing Re-invent is. 

I applied what I learned to my lifestyle and I lost the weight I need to lose and even my tummy went flat. Gym instructors in the past and other health professionals before I joined Re-invent had told me that I would never lose the spare tire around my stomach, as that comes with age and giving birth. Re-invent taught me differently and I learned the wonderful facts about how the body and mind functions work together and having the right attitude and determination to change the way we used to think about lifestyle, the way we eat and drink, how it effects our moods as well as our concentration.

I also learned that if I fell of the wagon and it has happened to me, that all I have to do is pick myself up and dust myself off and start again. Once I discovered how wonderful my health, body and mind changed through Re-invent, I was never the same again. I have picked myself up and dusted myself off and started again the result was joyfully rewarding. I want to share my joy and experience with everyone, so that they can also approach

Re-invent and Nicky can introduce them to this wonderful and successful way of life. 

With living the Re-invent way of life, you can enjoy many, many wonderful ways of eating healthy and feeling good and extend your life. As a matter of fact there is so much food that one has to remind oneself to eat every 3 hours throughout the day and never allow yourself to get hungry. Thank you for your wonderful training and helping me to change my life.

Tracey von Bulow


My wife was worried about my health/lifestyle last year and set up an appointment with Re- Invent. I started the programme in the beginning of January and in 3 months managed to lose 9 kg and I have maintained this up till now. This was not through starving myself or anything like that. Just regular exercise and eating healthily, in fact I have never eaten so much in my life! Nicci and her team are very caring and get you to buy into the concept so it becomes a lifestyle. They are a fantastic organization and have changed my life exponentially!

​Greg Higgs

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