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Who is Nicci Robertson

Nicci is the owner of  Re-Invent Health and Integrated Health Sciences.

Author of Re-InventHealth and LifeMentor a long established wellness coaching methodology. She is a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Psycho-neuro immunology. As well as 2005 Body for Life Grand Champion (South Africa). 

In addition to her private practice, Nicci consults to a number of multi national companies regarding staff wellness, work life balance strategies, executive wellness coaching and stress management.  

Nicci is a regular expert guest on DSTV’s RealHealth and Talk Radio702’s Health Matters.

The Re~Invent program  addresses the issues of lifestyle and will educate you towards making healthy choices.

The Re~Invent program does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The author of the Re-Invent program is not a medical doctor which is why we advise that if you take part in any lifestyle modification program you do so under the care of your physician. 

Therapists and Specialists

Dr Sudeep Ruder

011 875 1940

Fourways Life Hospital

Leah Sefor - Life & Real Relationships Coaching

Justine Hunt - Cranio- Sacral Therapy

071 684 9684

Louisa Niehaus – Psychotherapist

082 564 7900

Peri Zourides - Mindfulness Strength coach 

+ 27 82 375 0825  / + 27 72 961 5583

Facebook: 7starenergycentre

Dr. Yeshantha Padayachee – Homeopath

011 894 5655

Dr Kevin Lentin – Chiropractor specialising in Functional Nutrition

Constantia Chiropractic Clinic

021 797 8056

Mitzi Hollander – ADDLab  & Neuro rehabilitation specialist

011 888 9334​   Tel:  010 597 0850

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