We may all share a lot in common but we are also different in many ways.

Every person has different gene expression, health issues, stress levels, activity levels, life circumstances, and goals.

Dietary advice is often confusing and contradictory. And while there’s no such thing as one optimal human diet,

there are basic rules and systems to follow in order to thrive.

This is your prescription for a healthy, happy life.

7 Session package,

includes your initial consultation and 6 followup appointments. 

Price R5022.00 for 7 sessions.

Please ask about our discounted rates for friends or family partaking together. 

14  Session package,

includes your initial consultation and 13 followup appointments. 


Price R8316.00 for 14 sessions.

Please ask about our discounted rates for friends or family partaking together. 

Single Consultation,

You are welcome to book a single consultation to see if our approach is the right one for you, before committing to a full program. 

Price R1026.00 

  • Know yourself better, what you need when and why.

  • Stop punishing yourself with food.

  • Simplify your eating choices.

  • Change your mind about the foods that are good for you and those that are not.

  • Change a lifetime of un-resourceful habits.

  • Make better choices because you enjoy the way they make you feel. 

  • Change your neurochemistry and biochemistry.

  • Get you your health back and feel good about your body.

  • Recognise and end self sabotage.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our personalised health optimisation program.

Here you will find a thorough breakdown of what to expect.  However if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. There is a never perfect time to make better choices and the best time to start looking after yourself is right this minute. In just a couple of weeks you will learn how to make better choices, lose a couple of kilograms of fat, improve your moods, sleep quality  and energy levels.  You will thank yourself for taking the steps today. 

Once you have booked your first appointment you will receive a comprehensive assessment to complete and bring with you.

The assessment is not available online or electronically as you are required to slow down and engage with the the questions using hand-eye coordination rather than emotionally disengaged auto-tasking.   

We begin with a thorough health history assessment, which includes a body composition analysis. Based on the initial questionnaire, blood tests and assessment, a personalised program is created specifically for you. 

This will be an easy to implement step by step action plan to help you reach your health goals,  increase long term quality of life and boost your energy levels! 

Please bear in mind that the Re-Invent LifeMentor program is not a diet. You will never be expected to follow an unsustainable or boring meal plan. Food is one of the joys of life and always should be. How to plan, prepare and make the right choices for your particular needs is what you will learn during the program. 

After your initial consultation, you come in for a follow up appointment every two to three weeks in order to monitor your progress and ensure that the program is working for you.  At each follow-up appointment we repeat bio-impedance measurements which determine your bodies' fat / muscle and water ratio as well as your base metabolic rate. This provides valuable information about nutrient uptake, inflammation and lipogenesis. 

We offer the program as a package is because you are very carefully monitored and you are never left to your own devices. It takes time to change a habit, so we make sure you go through the process in a supported environment. 

The program package includes your initial assessment and followup sessions. Your manual and recipes as well as an exercise program if required. 

Medical aids do not cover the  coaching sessions but they do pay for blood tests if required. There are no additional costs and the total can be split over two payments.  We accept cash, credit and debit cards. Payment is due at the consultation.  If you would like to make sure that our program is the right one for you, you are welcome to come in for an assessment before committing to the full program. 

To find out more or book a consultation go here

wellness@reinventhealth.co.za​   Tel:  010 597 0850

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