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"Re-Invent has changed my life completely. The program is wonderful and their approach is so spot on – they worked the changes into our lives so slowly that today it feels like I have always eaten this way. They managed to change my perception of my body, help me gain more energy and I became a little wiser in the process. "

- Anthea Prentice. Nedbank Capital



The Re-Invent Workplace Wellness and Executive Wellness Coaching Program combines personalised clinical nutrition and behaviour modification methods with specific focus on prevention of diseases of lifestyle, stress management and optimal performance. Teamed with a wide range of scientifically validated testing methods and personalised therapies for every individual need.


We combine a full qualitative assessment with a comprehensive medical assessment which are  are geared toward discovering potential health issues, as well as to target, reduce and eliminate medical risk factors and promote longevity and wellbeing.


You will meet with your support team every two weeks, in person or via online meeting to  assist you through the

process of  instilling new, healthy habits and achieving your health goals. Combining integrative healthcare and functional nutrition coaching, The Re-Invent program is  more than a simple physical exam, this head-to-toe evaluation with ongoing interaction will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to take charge of your health.


In addition to our weekly coaching program, we offer multi-day retreats at a variety if scenic locations countrywide. As well as adventure  team building sessions such as slack-packing expeditions and hikes. All within the context of challenging self - perception, creating new experiences and staying fit and healthy.


All programs can be tailored in duration and complexity depending on your organisations' outcomes. To find out more please contact us to schedule a meeting or online session to discuss your requirements.

"Nestlé management embarked on a Health and Wellness program with Reinvent Health SINCE 2020.  We started the program with our directors to demonstrate that we walk the talk before the rollout to the wider organization. Nicci personalized the approach for every director and held one on one sessions. I am happy to say that all the health indicators of the team improved significantly, and all are out of the danger zone regarding diabetes and heart diseases. We have presented the results to the whole Senior Leadership Team and will start the rollout. We firmly believe that healthy employees translate to better resilience and ultimately company performance."  - BRUNO OLIERHOEK - NESTLE Chairman and Managing Director for Eastern and Southern Africa.

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