Effective Corporate Wellness Programs translate into fewer injuries, less human error, a more harmonious office environment, better client relations, less grievance procedures impacting both directly and indirectly the company bottom line. 

Reinvent Health and Associate’s (RHA) employee wellness program is a  full service employee health management system. Entirely tailored to your organisations needs and demographics. Our program includes nutritional advice and health screening, fitness programs and health education. As well as an easy to use online, self paced online learning platform which enables anyone to make sustainable healthy changes immediately. 

Our workplace wellness programs and executive health management products can offset the rising cost of in-house medical schemes or even provide health care for those employees who cannot afford medical aid cover. The wellness programs are designed to ensure the physical, mental and social well-being of employees.

A healthy organization increases employee morale, improves the ability to attract and retain key people, all the while having more alert and productive employees.

Why we are different:

In a day and age where most corporate interventions pay little more than lip-service to real health issues. It is our priority to reduce unnecessary pharmaceutical usage and sick days, via our online, self paced learning platform. 

Very few people have the motivation or means to make 180 degree health changes over a short period of time. Yet though a multi-lingual learning platform, users learn how to make small changes at their own pace which enable big rewards. 

In addition, RHA wellness programs can integrate all the existing health and wellness services provided by your company. Even those services not provided by RHA, providing the data is available. This allows you to conscientiously monitor those services providing the best results. RHA has the information technology systems in place to substantiate the qualitative and quantitative benefits of all health interventions.


In addition to our online learning program, we are able to offer the following testing and interventions: 

Employee assistance programmes

Nutritional Advice

Health Screening


A Medical Aid options 

On site clinics

Nurse practitioners

Stress management programs

Exercise/Physical Fitness measures

Health incentive programs

Online Health Management

Wellness Days

Health risk assessments

Electronic clinical records 

Absenteeism management 

Health Education Programs 

Job Hazards/Injury Prevention 

Substance abuse Control

Back Care 

HIV Education and management

Mental Health Screening

Weight Control 

Cancer counselling

Medical Self-Care 

Off-the-Job Accidents 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) 

Prenatal Education

Wellness assessment questionnaires:

General pre-employment health screen

Personal protective equipment maintenance

Shift workers pre-employment screening

Vocational driver’s pre-employment health screening questionnaire

Epworth sleepiness scale

Occupational audiometry record

Lung function questionnaire

Lung function test record

Spirometry test record

Fitness for work

Musculo-skeletal assessment

DASS mental health

Heart Health 

"The success of Re~Invent lies in its’ sustainability and ease of use for the individual"

- Tania Hector, Nestle South Africa

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