Weight Loss is easy

Until it isn't

Weight-loss is easy. Most of us have done it and then put it right back on, just as easily. The reasons for this frustrating and all too common a phenomenon.

The 20th and 21st century has seen the billion-dollar growth of the diet fad industry which isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Yet the global population in the western world at least, has progressively become fatter. Which prompts the question “do diets even work?”


The short answer is no, diets do not work for long term sustainable weight loss because of one simple fact. Diets focus ironically on weight loss.

In order to drop a size or two, reduce your waist circumference and add years of health to your life, the focus should be on losing body fat. The best way to do this and have it work for life is through a personalized lifestyle program that focuses on sustainability above all else rather than one size fits all fad dieting.


What is sustainability?

A sustainable nutrition plan is not a diet. It does not exclude major food groups, it does not have a “maintenance phase”. A sustainable nutrition plan is one that you can stick to and not feel like you are depriving yourself from enjoying the foods you love.


If you have finally decided for once and for all to get off the dieting treadmill, you will need to understand how to take your health up to the next level and drop one or two jean sizes, using scientifically validated methods. 


The first mistake people make who don’t easily lose weight and keep it off is that they follow trends and fall for marketing hype out of pure desperation. Everyone knows of someone who rocked the Keto method. But when trying it out themselves failed miserably. 

HCG injections coupled with starvation dieting makes everyone feel virtuous and grumpy, especially when the fat comes back with compound interest. 


In order to drop fat and keep it off, you need more than a rudimentary understanding of biochemistry. These are the chemicals that dictate not only if you store fat, by where and whether or not it is utilized as energy.


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Another reason weight-loss is difficult is that many dieters are obsessed with the number on the scale. While they may actually be getting smaller, the number on the scale may take time to change dramatically. If you don’t measure body fat percentage and hydration levels, it is easy to give up right before you see great success. This is all too common in serial dieters who are looking for massive weight loss results in a  short period of time. If it has taken you 10 years to put on significant fat weight, you need to give yourself at least 10 months of consistent lifestyle change to see it disappear, forever.


Most off-the-shelf diets focus on calories. Do you even understand what a calorie is and that it is virtually impossible to exercise off excess calories unless you are adapted to burning fat. While calories are important to consider, where the calories come from is even more important. 


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One of the biggest barriers to permanent fat loss is sugar addiction. Many people attempt to lose weight by cutting out carbohydrates. What are carbs anyway? Do you know that it is virtually impossible to eliminate carbohydrates entirely from your diet? In attempting to do so creates a disastrous rebound effect that triggers fat storage and hormonal imbalance. 

Typical “healthy options” are often loaded with processed carbohydrates which are the real culprit, such as muesli, certain fruits low GI bread quickly turn to sugar after eating and converted to stored body fat. 

This is turn triggers cravings, poor sleep, mood imbalance and hunger.  Getting rid of sugar addiction is actually simple and easier than you think with a personalized, lifestyle nutrition program. 


Obsessing on what you are losing such as weight, delicious food choices, no more social life, and bland boring food is enough to put anyone off dieting. Try instead to put your attention on what you’re gaining by making better, more delicious choices. Buying smaller clothes for example. Or the compliments from friends and family. Think about how well you will feel, how much energy you will gain and your renewed quality of life. 


Like everything in life - anything works when you consistently put an effort into it.  Not easy to go it alone if you have tried and failed many times. 

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