We will never sell or endorse any product available through a multi level marketing company or pyramid selling company.

Including but not limited to  Herbalife, Amway, Golden Products and the like.Our objective is to teach people to eat real food, not depend on food-like products.

Re-Invent Health and Integrated Health Sciences is first and foremost a provider of lifestyle coaching and behavioural interventions.

We are not a retail store and only sell products to our direct clientele and though our online store.

In order for us to consider promoting or stocking your product you will need to adhere to the following:

  • The product you are promoting does not make medical claims

  • You are willing to subject your product for testing by an undisclosed, impartial third party.

  • Should we find a discrepancy you will be notified in writing prior to our findings becoming public knowledge.


We take plagiarism, copy-cat marketing, passing-off and counterfeit seriously. Should you supply us with any product other than the original patent we will inform the patent owner and cooperate with them fully in order to have any counterfeit product removed from the market. 


We do not  promote competing products. For example we promote at most two supplement lines who have met with the above standards. And one skin care range. At this stage any other product would have to meet exceptional standards for consideration.


We do not endorse home testing kits - there are speciality laboratories who’s business models rely on biochemical testing which we support unequivocally.  

We cannot directly sell any device that requires blood spot analysis. These tests are referred to an accredited laboratory.


If you would like to proceed, please email your product information as well as the following certification and supporting documentation to this email address.


  • Certificates of analysis verified by the relevant governing body.

  • Batch testing policies and procedures.

  • Certificates of origin for raw materials.

  • Patent holder information - name and contact details.

  • Distributor information -  - name and contact details.

  • Country of origin of end product and raw materials.

  • Raw materials audit certification.

  • Country of manufacturer.

  • Valid GMP certification.

  • Valid HACCP certification.

  • Cold shipping policy.

  • Warranties and returns policy.


Should your product comply with the above we will inform you in writing.