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Lunchbox Wraps

What to put in a lunchbox for kids and adults alike is an eternal conundrum. Finding the balance between keeping it interesting and keeping it within healthy parameters is a fair challenge, but certainly not impossible. If you are attempting to limit your grain intake there are a variety of veggie wraps available. Try out TrulyGood or visit Jacksons for a ton of options.


STEP ONE - choose your wrap. This can be a standard flour wrap, large lettuce leaf, gluten free or veggie wrap.

STEP TWO - choose your protein. Shredded chicken, steak strips, tuna, smoked salmon or trout strips, scrambled egg for a breakfast wrap or cottage cheese.

STEP THREE - choose your veggies. Carrot Strips, cucumber, pink onion, micro greens, fresh herbs, baby spinach leaves or shredded cabbage.

STEP FOUR - Choose your topping. Hummus, pesto, tzaziki or plain yoghurt. As well as lime or lemon juice


Warm the wrap to make it more pliable. Either in the microwave for 10 seconds or in a warm oven.

Start with the protein, then veg the toppings. Don't try and pile in as much as possible. Rather pick a couple of defined tastes, colours and textures.


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