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French Toast

There is nothing wrong with comforting French Toast for breakfast of you cut out the simple sugars and make sure that the bread you use is either home-made or gluten free if that's part of your nutrition plan. This recipe is enough for 2 servings. Please note that honey, agave nectar and maple syrup increase the sugar content as much as any other syrup and are therefor not advised.


2 Whole eggs, beaten

Pinch of salt

2 Slices gluten free or home made bread

1/4 Cup xylitol or eurithrol granules

1 tsp Cinnamon powder

1 TBSP butter or coconut oil


Beat the eggs and salt in a rectangular or square container, large enough to submerse the bread slices.

Heat the butter or coconut oil in a large pan.

Submerse the bread in the egg batter until completely soaked through.

In the mean time mix the cinnamon powder into the xylitol or other granulated sugar substitute.

Place the bread in the pan and cook for approximately 3 minutes per side, or until golden brown.

Remove from the heat.

Sprinkle with the sweetened cinnamon or if you prefer a savoury version, a crack of sea salt.

Please note that Xylitol is extremely toxic to animals - do not feed this to your dog!


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