This 6 week online course runs from Thursday 23 June 2022  to 28 July 

18h00 - 19h30 (SAT).

R5200 per participant

What does it take to create and sustain a successful health coaching business?

Over the years, numerous nutritionists, therapists and health coaches have asked me how I managed to build and grow a successful healthcare practice, especially in difficult economic times. 

There is no one answer or magic formula but there are a number of essential skills and steps that need to be taken to make this type of business work and grow in the long term, irrespective of the economic climate. 


If you are a therapist of any kind, or are thinking of studying and starting your own healthcare practice, this course is for you.Over 6 weeks I will share with you, exactly what it's going to take to grow your own business and learn how to become a valuable resource to your clients.


  • Finding your passion and defining your skill set.

  • Learning how to shelve your opinions and really listen to what your clients need.

  • Studying further and honing your skill set.

  • The power of the personal story.

  • Walking your talk.

  • Why pragmatism is powerful. 

  • Going over and above expectations. 

  • Basic business skills - what to outsource and what you need to DIY.

  • Creating an online presence.

  • Diversification.

  • Business models and staying out of debt. 

  • Building strategic partnerships.

  • What it takes to get free media exposure.

  • Selling yourself.


And a whole lot more …