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The Nutrition Prescription
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Poor nutritional habits are at the basis of all lifestyle diseases, yet it is the one thing we can all directly control if we have the right information in a usable format. Everyone has an opinion on the optimal human diet, even the “experts” disagree. This has led to massive confusion among both the general public and health professionals. A proliferation of diet books and fad approaches has escalated a growing confusion around public health recommendations and media reporting on nutrition.

Our tried and tested solution is to move away from the dieting mentality and to teach people how to embrace better nutritional choices as a part of their health and happiness.

The Nutrition Prescription looks at the question of what we should eat through a variety of lenses, including biochemistry, endocrinology, anthropology, behavioral psychology, anatomy and physiology rather than relying exclusively on observational nutrition research.

The Nutrition Prescription takes all of these models and distills the information into an extremely simple how-to guide that anyone, regardless of age, health or income bracket can apply immediately. Without dieting or sacrificing the pleasure of eating which is intrinsic to human behavior.

While there’s no such thing as one optimal human diet, there are foods humans are designed to eat and are important to our overall health. 

The Nutrition Prescription gives you the tools to become your own nutritionist.  The coaching methodology teaches you how to apply the principles of healthy eating through easy and affordable methods. And to stop relying on processed, ready-made foods.

How Does it Work?

  • The Nutrition Prescription is a video-based, online learning platform. 


  • It combines short videos, animations, demonstrations, quizzes and downloadable PDF's which address all aspects of healthy nutrition and positive behavior change. 

  • The modules take into consideration all levels of understanding, ability, education level, and income bracket. 


  • Videos and animations can be made in any language and adapted for children.


  • Bespoke content can be created for specific needs.


  • NRx can be integrated into an existing wellness program.


  • Content is updated at no additional cost.


  • Encourages help-seeking behavior

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