Cooking Class

About Sajida:

I have a love for food as food brings people together and puts smiles on people's faces. When you enjoy your food you are satisfied and are less likely to overeat. I experiment with food all the time and sometimes the combinations fail, but that is ok, it's part of the growth process. I love spices as they don’t only add flavor to food, but they also have health benefits. People are of the opinion that spices make food strong and that is so wrong. Spices add flavor, satisfy cravings and your cooking is taken to another level.

I spend months researching food and do many experiments to perfect a recipe. When I cook I am in my element and I can create. It allows me to add love to the food which in turn is passed onto the people that eat it, thereby filling them up with love as well.

 Helping people is my passion and if I can impart my knowledge to make people happy then I have achieved the world.


What you can expect:

Preparing healthy food that has tons of flavor 

How to prepare multiple meals in advance

Simplifying your planning


At the end of the afternoon, you will take home enough ready to eat meals for 4 people.



  • Prawn salad

  • Lemon and herb chicken

  • Yoghurt Chicken

  • Different ways of preparing vegetables


Date 7 March 2020

Time 11h00 to 15h00

Venue 31 Aloe Street. Bryanston ext3

Cost R2500 per person



The course is limited to 8 people on a first paid basis. There will be a number of other courses throughout the year​   Tel:  010 597 0850 / 083 565 7043

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