A Day of Self Discovery

24 AUGUST 2019

09h00 - 14h00


This women's month, bring your friends and spend the morning at The Clico Boutique Hotel - 27 Sturdee Ave Rosebank

The women of Okinawa live the longest, happiest lives because they have support, mainly from other women. In the western world, many women live in a vacuum; not realising that we share the same struggles with our health, within our relationships, families and careers. If only we could talk more and discover that we are all pretty much dealing with the same thing, life may just be just that much easier. 

This interactive workshop will help you connect with like-minded people, overcome self-limiting beliefs and inspire you to take on new challenges. Five dynamic speakers, all regular women with family dynamics, jobs and responsibilities, share not only what they have learned but what it takes to get there. 

Leah looks at the masks we wear as women in order to make it with our partners, kids, friends, family and colleagues. She confronts the facades we perpetuate on a daily basis of who we think we need to be vs. the reality of who we really are. Leah will investigate what genuine female power looks like and will talk about how can you start living in your truth and authenticity with no apologies or excuses for who you are as a woman in the world. 

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The Real Woman


In a world that constantly questions who you are and what you look like, being comfortable in your own skin, is a at its core, a revolutionary act. 

We are all aware of taking time out, meditating, long baths as a way of being kind to oneself. To take it one step further is to embark on what some call radical self love. 

What does that mean and how do you bring it to life in a way that is unique and meaningful.

I’ll share what my experiences have been, what I’ve learnt and read.


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The Life of Self Love 


I am passionate about educating women and dispelling the countless myths about health, nutrition and body image. In this session, we will explore the missing link in women's health and sustainable fat loss. Nicci is a passionate advocate of not dieting and after years of working with hundreds of women, believes that nurturing yourself with nutrition and balancing hormones is what your body needs for long term health and body confidence.

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The Missing Link in Women's Health


Looking back at my life, I have always had a curious nature, been concerned about people’s welfare and intuitively knew when they needed help, guidance or advice.  

It’s truly an honour to facilitate a “balance” and hold space for a client that will allow them to balance, flow and eventually harmony on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  

I am looking forward to meeting you and share interesting facts about Kinesiology the K Power workshops that I will be hosting in the near future.  I will also be sharing how Acudetox - auricular acupuncture) works and all the great benefits of having a treatment.  


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Facilitating Balance and Healing


Women, according to the yogic philosophy are the manifestation of Goddess Durga, are the source of life on the planet and the union of all kinds of energy. A woman advances through multiple phases of life, from childhood to puberty and from motherhood to menopause. Yoga helps you deal with all these phases, changes and challenges coming into your life.

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Finding your Strength and Centre


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